Jul 24 2009

New! Flower Essence Skin Cream

Because several clients have recently requested this, i decided to add an option to our product line that I think you will like.   Many of you want to know if you can add the flower essences to skin cream or massage oils, and the answer is yes.  In fact, I have a skin cream that I’ve used for many years now that’s based on the Self-Heal flower.  It’s called Self-Heal Cream, and I get it from the Flower Essence Society (FES.)

Self Heal Cream

Now, clients are asking me to put their custom blended formulas into the Self-Heal Cream, so I started making 2 ounce jars of the cream available to my clients.  You can work with this in a couple of ways.

  • If you already have flower essences or a custom blended formula, get the Self-Heal Cream and put 6 drops of your essences into the cream and stir it completely.  When you apply the cream to your skin, your flower essences will be there too.
  • If you just want the Self Heal Cream plain, it’s a lovely way to keep your skin soft or to heal bruises or sore spots, or for scar tissue (to help soften it.)
  • If you don’t have any flower essences and want me to do this for you, you can order the Self-Heal Cream with one flower essence that you want added in to it, or one custom blend.  I’ll send that out usually within 3 days of your order (it needs special handling and processing.)
  • You can order any single flower essence or custom blended formula AND the Self-Heal Cream with the flower essences added to it.

Now you have a whole bunch of options!  If you’re ordering Self-Heal Cream WITH essences added, please let me know which essences you want when you order it.  Otherwise your order will be delayed while I contact you to be sure I’m adding the right flowers.

This would make a wonderful gift for someone, too!  Pass this along, in case you know someone who needs it.

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