Jul 01 2008

New Formula Helps Animal Seizures

Cats and dogs that have seizure disorders give their owners much stress. If you are lucky enough to find a holistic vet (one who practices integrative medicine and includes nutrition, homeopathic, and naturopathic treatments) you will find less stressful — and often more effective — ways to address the problem of your pet’s seizure disorders.

Because I have been asked several times if I have a flower remedy that can help, I finally did some research — and just about an hour ago i shipped out the first order of my new flower essence formula, called “Balance Me”. This one is so new I haven’t even had a chance to load it into the shopping cart yet — but I will as soon as I can.

How Balance Me helps your cat or dog with its seizure disorders:

  • The Balance Me formula connects the circuits that govern healthy brain function and synapses, and helps to prevent “circuit overload.” This formula serves as an extra “circuit breaker” so that the electrical flow of energy to and from the brain can stay stable and not misfire, as it does when there is a seizure disorder.
  • Balance Me helps to redirect sudden energy peaks and bursts that might contribute to a build-up of energy in any one area of the brain or circuits that govern motor skills and coordination.
  • Balance Me helps the energy remain constant and stable, rather than have either sudden overloads or depletion. This helps the system not have to have a seizure; it can handle what’s happening more efficiently..

The customers who are using this formula are reporting several interesting and encouraging changes in their animals:

1. The cats are more relaxed overall. They don’t appear so anxious.

2. One of the cats has stopped crying out; he was “yelling” a lot previously, perhaps because he felt in distress. He’s stopped doing that.

3. The number and severity of seizures is markedly decreased. One of the cats is no longer shaking at all, and has had NO seizures since he started on the formula. The other cat is having fewer and less frequent and severe episodes.

All of the above results are indications that the formula is doing something extremely important for these cats — something they did not have before. I will continue to monitor these cases, and share new reports as we go along.

But from my perspective as a practitioner? I am thrilled. I think we have a winner here!

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One Response to “New Formula Helps Animal Seizures”

  1. Bonnette Magallaneson 15 Jul 2008 at 12:06 am

    On researching the internet I found flower essences for animals. I have a cat that has seizures quite frequently. I contacted Nancy and explained my problem and she made a special formula called “Balance Me” for the seizures. Since I have been giving my cat the essences he hasn’t had but one seizure which was very small compared to what he was having. He stays calm all the time now and I am so pleased to have this formula and to see my little Benji happy again.

    Bonnie Magallanes
    Schertz, Texas

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