Feb 26 2009

New Lower Prices on Flower Essences

Because of the challenges many people are having with the economy, I wanted to see how I could help. People need natural healing tools more than ever, and flower essences should be part of everyone’s coping strategy in life.

So I did a couple of things:

  • Found a great new bottle supplier, at a much lower cost. The new bottles are actually better than what I had before!
  • Lowered my prices across the board; many of the formulas that used to cost $25 are now $20, and some are still $10 or $15.
  • Except for larger quantity orders, I’m keeping the shipping costs as low as possible.

These changes are going to help you get flower essences into your hands faster, at less cost.

And please remember that we have flower essences that help you with fears of financial insecurity! Here’s the link for the Prosperity and Manifestor Flower Essences. Get some now!

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