Aug 21 2013

New Bone Heal Formula

While I’ve known about a group of flowers whose purpose it is to help heal broken bones, it’s only recently that I made up a formula for it.  A friend of mine recently broke her ankle, and while she is an alternative healer herself, she was surprised to discover that there are flower essences that can help people and animals heal their broken bones — even if it’s just a “bone bruise” (which is pretty painful, too.)

nre healomg formula for broken bones

Broken bones now have a new healing formula to speed your bone healing
Photo by decade3d

The new Bone Heal Formula gives your body the pattern to knit together breaks in any bone.  It speeds the healing process markedly and helps ease pain and swelling in the affected area.  My friend said that within a week of taking this formula, she was able to put weight on her foot (which is in a cast) without pain; her doctor told her it would be at least 3 weeks before she would be able to do that.  She feels that the healing has accelerated to a MUCH greater degree than it would have without the flower essences.  That’s good news!

While I don’t advise rushing the healing process (for instance, you can test out your leg or ankle, but don’t go on a 4-mile hike without your crutches!) — I do say that your healing process will be more complete, thorough, and with less pain if you take flower essences.  Your body will know how to accelerate the healing process for you and get you back to a healthy state more rapidly than you would without the new patterns in place.

Flower essences are all about patterns.   This formula holds the pattern for bone healing.  If you, a child, or a pet has a broken bone?  You need this formula! 

Oh and do also remember to administer Emergency Trauma Solution (ETS) as soon as possible after a bone breaks, and all through the healing process whenever there is pain.  It “reminds” your circuits what “normal” feels like 🙂

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Aug 02 2013

Grand Trine Merkaba Activator Formula

On July 29, 2013 there was an extraordinary celestial pattern in the skies, one that some say opened the next 26,000 year cycle after the last one ended on 12/21/12.  Here is a link where you can learn more about this special pattern and what it might mean:  Grand Trine Merkaba.

At the request of one of the Collective Consciousness Healing Groups, I made a flower essence formula that captured the energy of this moment in time, encoded and sealed.  You can learn more about the Healing Groups here and here.

Bright Wings Essences

Bright Wings Essences

It was made originally for one of my Collective Consciousness Healing Groups, when they chose their July flower essence formula.  Here’s what they told me they wanted the formula to do for them:


  • crystal clarity
  • deeply encode the Sacred Feminine energy
  • become fearless and free


I so loved the way one member said it that I’m sharing it here with you, because it’s what I built the formula around:

“I want clarity.  I want crystal clarity.  I want my mind to feel like a star burning.  I want my body to feel like the ocean stirring.  I want my breath to feel like a refreshing breeze that restores me.”

So I made a formula that does this.  AND. . . I made it within the Great Trine Merkaba energy on July 29, 2013.  The formula is encoded and aligned with the heart of the Universe, as it manifests beauty and sacred life force energy.  You can buy it here.

The other thing is, members of the CollectiveConsciousness Healing Group get that formula at no additional cost.  If you’re not a member, you’ll pay $35.00 a bottle.  It’s VERY special.  If you’re a member of the Group, it’s already included in your membership fee.  Along with the ability to connect with me and with other cool people solving their top issues every month.

To get a custom blended formula made for you?  Right now that will cost you $150.00.  For EACH custom blend you want.  You can get that for vonly $50.00 a month through the CollectiveConsciousness Healing Group.  And help heal the consciousness of humanity.

Why not join now?  New groups are forming this week.  Come be part of a great awakening!

But if you just want the Grand Trine Merkaba Activator?  You can get it here.

You win either way 🙂


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Aug 02 2013

Announcing the Collective Consciousness Healing Group

We’ve created a new way to connect and heal while helping raise the level of the global awareness and consciousness.  For anyone doing self growth and personal development, this is a wonderful new arena.  Each month, with a small, confidential group of like-minded people, we share what’s going on in our lives, and find the ONE common theme that we all have in common.  (By the way, in more than 40 years of doing consciousness work, I have yet to find ANY group where there is not a common thread or theme.  It’s rather astonishing but true.)

Once we know what we’re all working on, I create a custom blend of flower essences that helps to solve that issue or problem, and together we all start to heal that theme in ourselves.  We find that, as each of us learn new patterns and ways to deal with things that trouble us, we are also creating bioresonant fields from which all humans can benefit.

We Heal Together

We Heal Together

Some groups meet once a month by teleconference at mutually convenient times, and other groups meet “virtually” by email or in private spaces on social media.  The cost to get a personal, custom flower essence blend is currently $150.00 for EACH blend, but members of the Collective Consciousness Healing Groups get their formulas free with their $50.00/month membership — and also get refills at reduced rates.

Each month, new groups form — but there is a limit to how many groups can run at the same time.  If this interests you please sign up while there are still slots available.

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Jul 29 2013

Announcing Bright Wings Abundance Activator Formula

For those of you who aren’t on my list, you’re missing something wonderful ~ the new Collective Consciousness Healing Group.

Out of these groups, I’ve made some powerful new formulas, and this is one of the latest.  I wanted to share it with you here, because so many people seem to still be struggling with issues around prosperity and abundance.  The new Bright Wings Abundance Activator Formula gives you the patterns to:

  • let go of resistance to doing what you need to do about abundance in your life
  • stop procrastinating and get on with it
  • know how to recognize opportunities when they appear
  • let go of your fears and replace them with confidence and self-worth
  • take effective action to empower yourself and start attracting more of what you want (and less of what you don’t)

The Collective Consciousness group members who are taking this formula have reported astonishing breakthroughs in their lives; while the groups are confidential, I can share some of the breakthroughs they have experienced (and I will get permission soon to share testimonials from them with you):

  • realized why they had been procrastinating about an important task, and took action on what they needed to do about it
  • husband suddenly got a new job with better pay
  • got clarity about what needs to happen to create new programs that perfectly align with their life work
  • organized new home office space for efficient work and productive use of time

Mind you, ALL of these events are things with which they had been struggling for months and sometimes years; their breakthroughs happened within the span of 2-3 weeks.  Not bad!

I will be offering some of the formulas that were originally made for the Collective Consciousness Groups for my customers to experience, too.  This is the first one and is offered for the first time this month:  Bright Wings Abundance Activator.  I’m especially proud of this one because one of the lead flowers in the formula is the first flower essence I made with my own hands:  Bright Wings.  It’s made from the Bright Wings Aesclepius, which is an empowerment flower.  Of course, my empowerment company is Bright Wings, Inc. — so there is deep resonance with that flower for all the work I do.

You can be part of a Collective Consciousness Healing Group, too; new groups are forming at the beginning of each month.  But there’s a limit to how many groups I can do, so if you’re interested please join while you still can.  I may have to close them soon!  Oh, and one of the benefits when you become a member is that you get a new formula every month as part of your membership fee, so you will always have support for the top things that are happening in your life.  And you get refills of any previous formulas at reduced cost, too 🙂  There are a whole lot of reasons to become a member, but why don’t you go see for yourself and get signed up while there are still open slots available?

Meanwhile, if you’d like to try one of the most potent abundance activators made, go ahead and order yours today.



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Jul 29 2013

Announcing New Line of Animal Essence Sprays

What’s new over at the “flower essence factory”?  Heaps!  Here’s some big news, for people with pets.

We took the top flower essence formulas for our animal friends and added organic essential oils, to enhance the effects ~ and created some amazing new products.

Because animals are much better at smelling than humans are (their noses are more highly developed) this was a no-brainer.  Adding fragrances was a logical step to give even more support for these formulas — and boy did we find out just how great they were, from the start.

We also learned that, even though the sprays work more immediately, for long-term problems it’s best to offer both the sprays AND the internal drops.  That way, the patterns you want for them are sure to be grounded in their own systems through both the electrical system and the olfactory system — the best of both worlds.

The spray formulas come in 4 sizes:  5 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, and 60 ml.  Larger sizes including refill bottles are available on request.

Introducing the Animal Essence Sprays

Calming Spray
The first spray we made was for Calming.  One of our most popular flower essences for animals has been the Phobias formula, for pets who have panic attacks over loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms.  It really works!  We have many veterinarians who recommend it for their furry patients.  Now, we added organic aromatherapy ingredients to enhance the calming properties.  Great for ANY kind of upset where you want to calm them quickly.

Needy No More

Separation anxiety and neediness is often a problem for some pets.  Our Neediness and Separation Anxiety flower essence formulas have been paired with organic essential oils and made into sprays, to help your pet relax and understand that it’s going to be just fine if you aren’t always right there with them.

Focus Me

The flower essence formula underlying this spray is our popular Star Struts.   By adding the fragrance component to this formula, we made it even more useful for show dogs, horses or cats who need immediate focus for going into the show ring.  (By the way, it helps calm handler nerves, too — or stage fright.)

Peace For the Pack

Whether it’s an animal pack or human group, sometimes you just need a way to get everyone to work together.  Or at least not grumble 🙂  We added organic essential oils to our popular Group Harmony formula, to give family units or packs the stability and peaceful dynamics you want.

Rescue Repattern

This one can be a life-saver for an animal that’s been rescued, because often there is a sense of grief and loss about the family they left behind.  Or maybe there was neglect or abuse.  This formula helps the animal release whatever happened to this point, and prepare to learn how to become a happy member of a new family.

We had the opportunity to test this recently when we fostered a 12-year-old dog that was being given up by its previous family due to financial issues.  It was a very sad situation, and the poor dog had been seriously neglected for a long time.  But within a week with us, taking the flower essences and using the new Rescue Repattern spray, he’s scampering around and playing with toys, smiling, and acting like a new dog.  Amazing stuff!  Very effective and important, if you’re involved in rescue for any kind of animal; it could save a pet’s life by getting it ready for new experiences and healing any trauma from the past.

Pest Away

Kind of like it sounds, this one helps keep pests away from your pet.  The flower essence formula strengthens the circuits that help your pet repel pests and insect critters; we added organic essential oils that help deter pests topically.  Great for spraying bedding and sleeping areas!  NOTE:  this will not replace the ordinary flea and tick control that you need and usually get from your vet; it just adds additional support to help keep your pet free from unwanted pests.

To get the spray formulas, go here.

To get the original flower essence formulas, go here.

Wholesale options are available for veterinarian offices and qualified retail stores.


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