Jul 29 2013

Bone Heal Flower Essences

Recently a colleague of mine broke her ankle; she’s a very active person and a healer ~ but never expected to “need her own medicine”.   Being a healer is both a good and a bad thing; you know just enough about what to expect that you have to accept the process and limitations — but you also know what to do that will help.

I wasn’t sure if she knew that there are flower essences for healing broken bones, so I asked her if she’d like to have some flower essences to speed the healing process.  She said she would, so I made up the Bone Heal formula and sent it to her.

But then I realized that, hey, other people would also like to know about this, for when their kids or pets or senior relatives break a bone!  So. . . here you go.

What the Bone Heal  flower essence combination does:

  • Helps reduce pain and swelling around the damaged area, so that tissues can release the trauma
  • Gives your body the pattern for how to knit together broken bones; your body may not automatically “call up” that pattern, since it’s not often needed.  The formula gives it to your system, so that it has access to the information it needs faster and more clearly.
  • Speeds the process for bone healing.
  • Supports your mental and emotional recovery, and helps you deal with the impatience of waiting while your body does what it needs; keeps you from wanting to prematurely stress the area that needs healing until it’s strong and whole again.  In other words, it helps you realize what you have to do while you allow the bone/s to heal completely.

This formula works for ALL kinds of bone breaks, from stress and hairline fractures to complete breaks with lots of tissue trauma.  It’s safe for babies, seniors and pets, too.

If your health care practitioner is into integrative medicine, you can request that this formula be applied to the skin around the broken bone area before a cast is applied; topical application is great if your doctor will approve it for you.  In addition to topical application, you should take the drops internally as well, so that the new bone healing patterns will be in your electrical system.

For this formula, 4 drops 4 times daily is the recommended dose.  The Bone Heal flower essence won’t interfere with any dietary restrictions or medications, and produce no side effects, as they contain only water, a preservative, and vibrational patterns.

A choice of preservatives is available, too,, for children or pets:

  • organic, non-GMO alcohol
  • glycerine (made from coconuts)
  • white vinegar
  • red shiso in a white vinegar suspension (my favorite, because it holds the pattern very stably)

When a bone breaks, get the Bone Heal flower essence formula started right away, and watch your body heal faster than you thought possible.  Isn’t it wonderful what the flowers can do for us?

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May 21 2010

Flower Essences For Prosperity

These days there are so many more reasons to struggle financially than there were even a year ago.  And that’s true globally, not just here in the USA.   While flower essences aren’t going to “get you a job” — they will support you in becoming a person capable of landing a new job, or of finding new ways to generate income through methods that may be new to you.

If abundance has been eluding you lately, you may find help in unexpected places.  Flower remedies are one of them.

If you’re not familiar with how flower essences work, you might want to visit our FAQ section, to learn more.  But meanwhile, I want to share with you an unsolicited testimonial for the Prosperity Pack.  This one comes from Jean Rudko, of Alberta, Canada.”since she started taking the Prosperity Formulas, she’s been getting really great deals.  There have been so many instances, it simply can’t be coincidence.”  She goes on to say that she doesn’t ever want to be without them (although I imagine that at some point she will have internalized the energy patterns and be able to attract what she wants, whenever she wants.)

What Jean experienced is one of the ways that flower essences can help you.  She began to ask if there were discounts available — and delighted to find that there were.  She began to think of ways that she could not only generate more income — but also to decrease expenses.  The flowers helped her understand new ways to think, which results in more ease and abundance for her. She uncovered — and began to attract — bargains, discounts, and — yes — money!

Some of the benefits aren’t obvious; but in many cases when you can change how you think, you change what can happen.  Then your life begins to turn around.   That can seem miraculous — but it’s perfectly natural, and to be expected.

Can the flowers help you today?  We have a special offer for the Prosperity Pack, that will give you the most value.  See if you or someone you know could benefit from a simple way to change your consciousness about money, abundance, and prosperity.  With graduation, Fathers’ Day, and June weddings coming up, there may be people who could really use this!

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Apr 20 2010

Blue Panther Energetic Essences: Butterfly

The 8th essence in the Blue Panther Energetic Essence collection is Butterfly.

BUTTERFLY essence helps you with Joyful transformation, creativity, lightness of being

Buy Butterfly now for $18


  • Meeting challenges as opportunities
  • Creative expression
  • Moving with change rather than against it; being Ok with ‘what is’

Some Uses: In these times we are manifesting rapid changes, choices and challenges. This formula works with those working to Allow, Accept, Acknowledge and Be Grateful… with light-hearted grace and humor, to recognize and welcome new opportunities, to co-create with our joyful higher selves, fears and toxic thoughts transmuted into healing love and light.

Enjoy dancing with your Butterfly essence 🙂 Next up, I’ll be describing Wild Horse.

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Apr 09 2010

Rescued Animal Formula

As the economy worsens, people are cutting back on everything that is not absolutely essential.  Sadly, that sometimes means that they are giving up their pets to shelters — or worse, abandoning them.  Or sometimes, with all the natural disasters in the world, they are lost and have to be rescued by professionals.

Shelters around the country are swamped with more animals than they can place.  In many cases, what that means is that helpless animals — that once were loved members of a family — are euthanized.

If they are lucky enough to go to a no-kill shelter (and despite the economy, many shelters are still managing to stay afloat) — the pet whose family couldn’t find a way to keep them may get a chance at another home, with someone who will love and take good care of them for the rest of their days.

Some animals adapt quickly to their new circumstances.  Others don’t.  Those are the ones that can be helped with flower remedies.

There are two flower essence formulas that are very effective in helping a newly adopted rescue animal to adjust to its new home and family, including other pets that may already be living there.  One formula is for an animal that has been rescued from a shelter or breed rescue; the other formula is for animals that have been rescued from puppy (or kitty) mills.

The Rescued Animal Flower Essence Formula helps a rescued pet recover from the grief of separation from its former home; learn what is expected of it in its new environment; work out social relationships if there are other animals in the household; and last but not least — learn to trust again.  Often a rescued animal will be either withdrawn, or to the other extreme — “clingy.”  Both kind of responses will improve with this flower remedy.

The flower essence formula that is for puppy mill rescues goes a bit further.  This one helps animals recover from possible abuse and neglect; gives them support in learning to navigate an ordinary household — which can be frightening for those who have never been socialized with other animals, children, or the sounds and smells of the inside of a home; and allows them the opportunity to learn new behaviors while they overcome any traumas they may have experienced during their stay at the puppy/kitty mill.

Pets who have been rescued CAN make wonderful companions — and sometimes they just need a little extra help.  Consider offering them the flower remedies that are formulated just for their special condition.

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Feb 26 2010

New Flower Essence Formula For Arthritis Relief

People (and animals) who suffer from arthritis may not find complete relief from the medications they are given.  Either the medications are too strong, or they don’t provide the hoped-for comfort.  Over the years, I’ve heard many stories from people who have arthritis — or have relatives who do.  And finally one of my clients asked if I could make a formula that would help.

Arthritis and Flower

Image by Sue Mack

You know me, I never turn down a challenge unless I’ve tried and can’t figure out how to help 🙂

As it happens, I DID find just what I wanted.  Arthritis Relief is here! My new combination flower remedy helps:

  • ease the symptoms of pain and swelling, by giving the correct electrical pattern for healing
  • provide emotional comfort from the distress of not feeling well
  • the person (or animal) realize what they can (and must) do to stay strong and well; sometimes that would be to slow down the pace, or ask for help.

Flower remedies are not going to be the whole answer for arthritis.  But they should be part of the solution.  Because when your electrical system is balanced, your body remembers how to heal.  This formula helps you remember the optimal pattern for health — and how to return to your best self.

For you, someone you love, or a pet:  Arthritis Relief supports your healing and offers you comfort for your symptoms..

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