Apr 17 2008

Phobias Formula Helps Pets With Panic Attacks

A client of mine had a dog that used to wreak havoc in the house as soon as he heard loud sounds like thunderstorms.or firecrackers. So I created a flower essence formula that helped him to remain calm when he heard the sounds, and not go instantly into his “panic mode.” This was a huge blessing for the family — and I’m sure it helped the dog feel a LOT better when the things that used to scare the daylights out of him, got reduced to something he could handle.

This formula is called “Phobias” because often your pet will associate loud sounds with something big and scary — and react as if their very life is in danger. They literally have a panic attack. When that happens, there is not a lot you can do except to get them calmed down. The Phobias Formula connects your pet’s electrical circuits to ones that know how to process loud sounds and scary things — immediately and safely. Your pet may not be totally relaxed, but they won’t be in a panic state; they will be able to cope.

My dog doesn’t like the sound of 4th of July fireworks displays; when we give her the Phobias Formula, she calms down right away and sometimes goes to sleep through it all! What a nice change.

One vet tech orders this by multiple bottles and tells me that it is the ONLY thing that ever works for her own dogs. She has given them heavy-duty tranquilizers and medications before, but they didn’t work as well or as immediately as this formula does. And if you happen to have an animal that needs to be alert, you don’t want to knock it out completely — you just want it to calm down!

This is the formula to reach for when your pet reacts to anything with panic — whether it’s loud noises, smells, or something it sees. Just give it a few drops of the Phobias Formula, and all will be well.

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