Jul 10 2008

Prosperity Package — New Combinations For Abundance

What does it mean to prosper? Some people say it’s an abundance of resources. I’m sure that’s part of it — but there’s more. (One can have an abundance of other things, too, for instance — not all of them welcome.) To me, to prosper is to thrive. And that means that you have everything in Life working for you, feeling — and knowing — that it’s all good.

So how does it happen? That’s what I want to talk about. It’s not as mysterious as you may think.

Some of you know about — and have tried and loved — my Quantum Prosperity flower essence blend. Ti does just what it sounds like — covers all the things that keep you from experiencing — and attracting — as much prosperity as you can hold. Quantum Prosperity is perfect to help you overcome all your doubts and fears, issues of self-worth and “do I really deserve” thoughts that can limit your ability to joyfully attract prosperity in every area of your life.

But now, because so many people are worried about what they will do with gas prices rising, mortgages in default, and an uncertain economic outlook globally, I have created a newl formula: Manifestor. This formula “fills in the blanks” for you around what you are trying to create. Never again do you need fear poverty or financial disaster, because you will have the patterns to create whatever you want and need in your life.

And I am, for a limited time, offering BOTH formulas as a package: The Prosperity Package, for the lowest price you are ever going to see.

If fear of financial insecurity is hitting you where you live, please don’t suffer any longer. Get these flower essence formulas and get yourself connected with the energetic information you need to powerfully manifest everything you want, clearly and easily.

A word of common sense here. Yes, you still need to take the actions that lead to success — you can’t just take the drops and sit back and wait for a “fairy godmother” to come along and hand you a winning lottery ticket! But the flower remedies will guide you to WHICH steps to take, and how to attract the people and ideas you need — that lead you straight to your own prosperous life. And they absolutely help you work through ALL your issues about money, that are not serving you to develop a prosperous and happy life.

Everyone deserves peace of mind. Order the Prosperity Package to show you what to do, to obtain peace of mind and heart around financial security and manifesting what you want in this world.

Try these before you take ANY drastic actions! They really work.

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8 Responses to “Prosperity Package — New Combinations For Abundance”

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  2. Nancyon 11 Jul 2008 at 2:52 pm

    One more comment. In connection with my coaching work with Indigo kids and adults, I will soon be hosting a teleconference call with an Indigo teen from Sweden — who from the age of NINE YEARS OLD has truly mastered the art of manifestation. (Yep. 9. Can you remember what YOU were doing when you were 9 years old? This kid was starting businesses. . . That’s nothing, though. Look at what Mozart accomplished. His first symphony was written when he was EIGHT years old!)

    If you want to be notified about this call, you need to be on the mailing list! Sign up now, and be first to hear about it while there’s still time to register. We’re going to cover things you need to know — and I plan to ask him some tough questions too, hehehe.

  3. […] comment over on my other blog, Dances With Flowers, to let them know we are going to be focusing on Prosperity and Manifestation topics […]

  4. […] can help you with your prosperity consciousness. The specific formulas I created are a set called The Prosperity Package: Quantum Prosperity, and Manifestor. Both of them will help. They’re not expensive […]

  5. savvason 04 Aug 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Dear Ms Nancy

    Thank you very match for your reply

    I will buy the Prosperity package, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP ??


    PLEASE ADVISE ME IF I CAN TAKE ANY OTHER FLOWER ESSENCE IN ORDER TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM ??? I believe that with the energy therapy ( with the re-balance of my vibrants i can solve my problem) and from what i understand the flower essence bring back to the body mind and spirit the right vibrants and correct the mistakes and the unbalance of the electrical energy/vibrants of the body (from what i study the body and mind is generally electrical energy, which sent energy/electrical vibrations to the universe .) .Please reply me urgently in order to order all the flower essences in one parcel and avoid to pay double shipping fees.

    My country Is Cyprus and belong in Europe.

    I am waiting your positive urgent reply in order to pay for the above three requested essences. Thank you very match for your help

    savvas Paraskeva

  6. Nancyon 04 Aug 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Hi Savvas,

    Yes you are on the right track here.

    One thing it is important to understand is that the flower remedies act through the electrical system; herbs, vitamins, and most medications act upon the physical system. While of course they are connected, they are different systems entirely.

    For people with diabetes, you would want to take flower essences that are not preserved in alcohol or glycerine; either of those two preservatives COULD upset your blood sugar balance (while the essences themselves would not.)

    Fortunately, my “default” preservative is red shiso (which has a white vinegar base); this preservative would be entirely suitable for a diabetic.

    If you would like essences that help restore your balance with the diabetes, I would also suggest that you contact Perelandra Ltd. and inquire about their Microbial Balancing Formulas. I can get them for you, but probably you should first contact them and see what they would suggest for you.

    Here is the link for Perelandra:


    Look for their MBP program, and see if anything there sounds like the right formula for you.

    Otherwise, if you are working primarily with prosperity and abundance issues, the two formulas I created will do very nicely — and will not interfere with your diabetic condition.

    While you did not ask this directly, you seem to think that just taking the flower essences for prosperity might help with your diabetes. If you are wondering that, I would say that it will help you with your prosperity issues, but I don’t think it will help much with your diabetes.

    We would have to find the right flowers for that condition, and for physical healing and balance. I might suggest that you look at my new Chakra Balancing Formulas — I believe the 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) governs the areas for digestion, insulin production, and healthy endocrine systems. This plus the Chakra Balancing Formula would help with conditions in that area of your body.

    I will need to investigate what the postal rates are to ship essences to Cyprus. I suggest that you visit the Bright Wings Essences site (link is in the upper left hand corner) and contact me through the “Contact Us” form on that site. That way we can communicate directly about the shipping and other details about your order.

    Thanks so much for asking!

  7. savvason 05 Aug 2008 at 8:31 am

    Dear Mrs Nancy,

    Thank you very very match for your quick respond and your intention to help me for the problem that I have and try to find solution ( the Diabetes II).

    Also Thank you for your explanation ,I understood the different between the herbs and the flower essences/ electric .( I mean the way and the level that each of them works).Also i have to inform you that I study many books for Energy ,Vibrants,.Energetic therapies,Homeopathic and etc. Also your side is very usefull ,if somebody wants to understand the basics for the flower essence.

    Please arrange the flower essences as following in order to purchase all of them in one parcel and pay one time shipping fees :

    1) prosperity package-special offer
    2)The 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) essence-I study the comments on your side. and accept your suggestion for this essence ,because your an expert ,from my side I am new ,I study only quantum physic for the energy the vibrants of the universe and etc.
    3)Also I wait your suggestion which essence to buy specific for diabetes II.Please
    make me a favor and investigate my case with PERELANDRA.-ltd com and decide for me witch flower essence is the right one in order to solve my problem.I am ready to buy it immediately.

    I will buy all the above ,in one purchase -if possible tomorrow through you.Please explain to me where i have to go to pay you direct with my internet visa tomorrow morning.I am ready and trust you to buy all the above -Also please advise which shipping system is save and not very expensive.Dont worry about the money I will pay you through my Visa and for all the above AND THE SHIPPING FEES .This is my last e-mail I decided to buy all the above products. Please advise which products for the above is needed to buy BIG QUANTITIES 2 OZ ,IN ORDER TO COVER MY NEEDS AND AVOID TO BUY AGAIN AND AGAIN IN VERY SHORT TIME AND PAY SHIPPING FEES WITH OUT REASON.
    Savvas Paraskeva
    tel:++357 99 44 36 11

  8. savvason 06 Aug 2008 at 10:48 am

    Dear Mrs Nancy,

    How are you I am still waiting your reply for my pevious e-mail

    thanks in advance for your help and patient.


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