Apr 11 2008

Quantum Prosperity – In Good Times and Bad

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Several years ago I put together a custom formula for someone who was struggling with issues about abundance and prosperity. They had never saved money, had a terrible sense of loss and lack, and just generally had really big issues about money. They wanted to know if flower essences could help them, and I said, “Well, let’s give this a try!” And I proceeded to put together what turned out to be an amazing formula that covers all the bases about how to transform your consciousness of lack and scarcity into joyous and grateful prosperity and attraction. I call this formula Quantum Prosperity. It helps you:

  • transform feelings of lack and scarcity
  • understand the The Universe is generous
  • the Law of Attraction works — and YOU can make it work for you
  • generate self confidence
  • take action on your plans instead of just daydreaming about them
  • remove doubt, fear and insecurity
  • release negative energy
  • attract positive people, ideas and teachers into your life that can help you achieve real and lasting prosperity
  • understand what specifically you need to change, to become prosperous instead of living in fear of poverty
  • and much more! (That’s why we call it “Quantum Prosperity“.)

If you or someone you love struggles with prosperity issues, flower essences can help you change your attitudes and behaviors, and start taking powerful action to attract and manage abundant living. If you’ve tried other things that haven’t worked for you, maybe it’s time to re-wire your circuits so that you can actually transform it all and become the prosperous person you always wanted to become. You will usually begin to see positive changes within a few days or weeks.

Never worry about the economy again, because you will know what you need to do to become — and stay — more prosperous than you have ever been before. Get Quantum Prosperity on YOUR side right away!

p.s. As is true of flower essences in general, the changes are generally permanent. You may need an occasional tune-up from time to time but once you have licked this problem, it will be gone forever. I was so surprised at how much it has helped me with these issues, and how, once I got them resolved, I am seldom bothered by it again. Ever.

This one is a must-have formula when economic conditions look gloomy!

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