Apr 09 2010

Rescued Animal Formula

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As the economy worsens, people are cutting back on everything that is not absolutely essential.  Sadly, that sometimes means that they are giving up their pets to shelters — or worse, abandoning them.  Or sometimes, with all the natural disasters in the world, they are lost and have to be rescued by professionals.

Shelters around the country are swamped with more animals than they can place.  In many cases, what that means is that helpless animals — that once were loved members of a family — are euthanized.

If they are lucky enough to go to a no-kill shelter (and despite the economy, many shelters are still managing to stay afloat) — the pet whose family couldn’t find a way to keep them may get a chance at another home, with someone who will love and take good care of them for the rest of their days.

Some animals adapt quickly to their new circumstances.  Others don’t.  Those are the ones that can be helped with flower remedies.

There are two flower essence formulas that are very effective in helping a newly adopted rescue animal to adjust to its new home and family, including other pets that may already be living there.  One formula is for an animal that has been rescued from a shelter or breed rescue; the other formula is for animals that have been rescued from puppy (or kitty) mills.

The Rescued Animal Flower Essence Formula helps a rescued pet recover from the grief of separation from its former home; learn what is expected of it in its new environment; work out social relationships if there are other animals in the household; and last but not least — learn to trust again.  Often a rescued animal will be either withdrawn, or to the other extreme — “clingy.”  Both kind of responses will improve with this flower remedy.

The flower essence formula that is for puppy mill rescues goes a bit further.  This one helps animals recover from possible abuse and neglect; gives them support in learning to navigate an ordinary household — which can be frightening for those who have never been socialized with other animals, children, or the sounds and smells of the inside of a home; and allows them the opportunity to learn new behaviors while they overcome any traumas they may have experienced during their stay at the puppy/kitty mill.

Pets who have been rescued CAN make wonderful companions — and sometimes they just need a little extra help.  Consider offering them the flower remedies that are formulated just for their special condition.

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