May 14 2008

Seizure Relief

If your cat or dog has seizures, you know how scary that can be. The animal appears to be in extreme distress, often losing continence and/or consciousness. You may be worried that it’s going to die. The standard veterinary treatment is usually a type of phenobarbitol — the same thing that doctors give to humans suffering from seizures.

According to WikiPedia, “Treatments can include the drugs phenobarbital, phenytoin, potassium bromide, levetiracetam, zonisamide, and diazepam. Potassium bromide and phenobarbital are often paired for the treatment of animals with epilepsy (other drugs such as gabapentin are only recently being introduced into the treatment of animals). A veterinarian will often prescribe Zentinol in an effort to minimize the damaging effects of bromides on the liver enzymes.”

Recently, a client came to me about her cat who has been having seizures, and wondered if I have any flower remedies that can help. At the time, I wasn’t sure — and told her that I would do some research and find out. What I discovered was encouraging. — so I made a custom blended formula and asked her to try it out and tell me if it is helping or not.

Today, I heard that the formula has arrived — rather in the nick of time, too, it seems. Her cat had two severe seizures today, and because the package had just come in the mail, they had not had a chance to use it yet. So she opened the bottle and put some on her cat’s lips after his second seizure — and he promptly calmed right down and went to sleep! That’s a really good sign.

She is taking her cat to the vet to be checked — and the other good news is that, even if he has to be on medication, the flower essences won’t interfere with his meds, and there are no side effects to this (or any other flower essence formula), so they will be safe for him to take no matter what.

This is great news for pet owners stressed out by their cat or dog’s seizure episodes — it can make you feel so helpless. I’ll keep you posted on this one. I have a friend whose 10-year-old Maine Coon cat has had petit mal seizures for several years, and when I told her I had made the new formula, she said, “Oh I can’t wait to see if this will work for Max too!” So now we will have two “test cases” to see how they work.

If you have a dog or cat that has been having seizures, and you would like to try a natural remedy that promises relief (without side effects) — then let me know. I don’t have the new formula up on the web site yet but I can arrange to get it to you. And I will come back and post here when it’s ready to order through the web site — and to update you on how the two cats are doing.

Meanwhile, please make sure your animals see the vet when anything unusual happens — at the very least, call your veterinarian and ask if you need to take them your pet for an exam. Flower remedies are NOT meant to replace medical care for either people or animals; they are complementary to — and supportive of — the healing processes. It works best when you have the benefit of ALL the resources available for your animal.

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2 Responses to “Seizure Relief”

  1. Nancyon 04 Jun 2008 at 4:57 pm

    I just heard back from the kitty’s owner and we have great news! The formula is working! Her kitty was having multiple daily seizures that were getting worse, but since he started taking this formula he is calm and the frequency and severity of the seizures has been cut WAY down (he has some days seizure-free, and if he does have a seizure it’s mild.)

    This is a huge improvement, and I am highly encouraged by these results. I was hopeful that we got the formula right, and it looks like we did.

    The other cat owner has been traveling and has not received the essences yet; I’ll come back and post once the 2nd cat has been on the formula for a week or two.

    Stay tuned! (Another reason you may want to join our list or rss feed. . .to hear about news of individual cases, or of new products I’m making. )

    Thanks a bunch!


  2. Nancyon 06 Jun 2008 at 11:55 am

    OK I just heard from the owner of the 2nd cat (this cat has been having petit mal seizures for around 2-3 years and has been taking homeopathic remedies with mixed results.)

    After just ONE dose of “Balance Me” Max became much calmer. This is a great sign, and we’ll post further results here as I get more feedback from the owner.

    This is very exciting news!


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