Oct 03 2008

Somebuddy Get This Kitten Some ETS!

Pet Connection is one of the blogs I love, because first of all it’s got some savvy writers on it, who generally know a lot about animal behavior and health ~ and happen to also be great writers. Every so often, there is a gem. Last Friday was one of those.

Kitten In Hand

Kitten In Hand

Harry got lucky. Read more.

I love this image! When I first saw it, the only thing I could think of was, “Get that kitten some ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution)!”

If any of you have ever rescued a kitten or feral cat, you know what you’re up against. While Harry (that’s what he’s named) found a real friend who knows how to take good care of all his needs, others cats aren’t so lucky. One of the best things you can do for feral cats is to trap and neuter them, then do what you can to keep them healthy. The diseases they carry can spread to domestic populations like wildfire. And no, the answer (in my humble opinion) is not to kill them all! But stop them from reproducing as fast as we can — that’s the first step.

Another step we can all take is to stop abandoning animals whenever times get rough. Either euthanize them or care for them; don’t drop them off “out in the country”. That’s what causes the problems.

If you have an animal that has been rescued (feral or not), one additional way to support its positive (and successful) transition into your family is to give it Rescued Animal Flower Essences. This formula was created to help your animal adapt to the way YOU like to run things, and be more comfortable as a new member of your family.

\Whether or not your kitten is feral, there are times when it needs various kinds of medical treatments (blood tests, worming, and so on.) Anything that is new and sometimes scary can produce panic ~ even if YOU know it’s notthing to be scared of, the kitten doesn’t.

That’s where the ETS comes in. Even if the scariest thing you have to do is put your kitten into a crate, well. . . that could be what pushes it right over the edge!

What I always say is, “If you have kids or pets, you better have some ETS on hand!” One for humans, and one for animals. It’s affordable. And a LOT cheaper than years of therapy later. . .

Seriously, when you are feeling terror (in that moment it doesn’t matter what triggered it, all you care is that the panic stops) — take some drops of the ETS. It will set your circuits back to normal, immediately. Then you can deal with whatever the situation is.

I bet a couple drops of ETS would have that kitten purring in about ten seconds.

By the way, here’s the link to the whole story about Harry. And here’s where to find out more about the ETS formula (and get some for your own (umm, inner???) kitten.)

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