Sep 24 2013

Stop taking on other people’s energies!

If you’re someone who seems like a sponge for other people’s energies, you know how draining it can be.  While taking on other people’s energies can happen to anyone, there are certain people who are more prone than others to taking on unwanted energies from others:

  • healers (therapists, bodyworkers, nurses, doctors, clinicians, etc.)
  • empaths
  • highly sensitive people
  • Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow kids, teens and adults

Because it seems so gradual, often you don’t even realize it’s happening — until you start feeling symptoms of heaviness, anger, depression, sadness, or some form of illness manifesting in your physical body.   By the time you figure out that “it’s not you” — the energies are already draining you.   If it happens repeatedly, you may be suffering from chronic sensory or energetic overload, including adrenal exhaustion.

Do you accidentally take on energy from others?  It happens!  Image by Erik deGraaf

Do you accidentally take on energy from others? It happens! Image by Erik deGraaf

There is new help (and hope) for you.  We have developed a robust flower essence formula, specially prepared to keep you from taking on other people’s energies; it acts as an energetic shield for your system.  It doesn’t matter why you have been taking on other people’s energies, but it DOES matter that you do something effective about it.

Energy clearing rituals will help (and I recommend them) but a better and more effective way to deal with the situation is to give your electrical system the extra support it needs.   The Healers Formula flower essences serve to protect you and keep your energy fields in integrity when you’re in contact with others.  It works for anyone who:

  • commutes or has to deal with the public frequently
  • is in close contact with people who are in a healing process or who are discharging strong emotions
  • first responders, EMTs and service personnel in all fields
  • even people who are in regular contact with others online or via electronic media (yes, you CAN be affected by the energy fields of people online, if you’re sensitive enough and don’t have strong energy shields.)

For those of you who are new to flower essences, if you think that flower essences are not strong enough to do this kind of “heavy lifting” you’re in for a surprise and a treat.  This formula in particular is very powerful; it helps to keep your energy intact even around strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) and for travelers exposed to atmospheric radiation while airborne.

For those with dietary restrictions, you can have a choice of preservatives (organic non-GMO alcohol; glycerine made from coconuts; distilled white vinegar; or red shiso in a white vinegar suspension.)   The flower essences do not interfere with any medication or dietary protocol you may have, and have no side effects.

The Healers Formula comes in two sizes:  1 ounce and 2 ounce cobalt dropper-top bottles, for $20 and $35.00 respectively.

If you’d like extra energetic support, you might also like some of our energetic and auric sprays, to help keep your home or office clear of negativity.  We also carry organic White Sage and Organic Sweetgrass Sprays.  When you take flower essences AND use the energy clearing sprays, you have both internal support along with the external/environmental support too 🙂  That works out quite well for most sensitive people, regardless of their working environment or situation.  The energy clearing sprays are especially useful for travel, too, because you can take them places where burning is not allowed (such as most modern healing settings, hotel rooms, and airplanes.)

If you’d like to try both products together, we made a special bundle for healers.  You can buy a 1-ounce bottle of the Healers Formula Flower Essences and a 1-ounce bottle of Organic Liquid Smudge with the Healers Formula Flower Essences added, to give you a complete experience of shielding and clearing.  We don’t have this bundle up on the web site yet, but until we do, you can buy it here.

There is no reason you have to suffer from taking on the unwanted energies of other people, when help is at hand.  Try some of the flower essences, and/or the energy clearing sprays, and see how they can help; and if you like it, share it with a friend or colleague, too.

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