Apr 11 2008

Stress Busters

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One of the fun parts of being a flower essence therapist is that I get to play with flowers at a level most people cannot even imagine. It is truly a pleasure and delight for me to create custom blends for individuals, their pets, and to address specific issues that are bothering many different people.

In fact, that’s how this little blockbuster formula came into being! I noticed that there are times when even taking Rescue Remedy is not quite enough; there’s still too much anxiety and stress that isn’t getting handled. So I set out to find which flowers would do a better job to get ordinary stressful living situations more under control.

Luckily for me, I’m a good researcher — and lucky for us all, the flower essence producers I use are constantly discovering more and more flowers to make into essences, and then making them available to practitioners like me. And as often happens, just when I really need a particular flower to do a special job, the new essence appears! This happens to me over and over again, so now I simply know that when i start to look for a new flower it means that an essence for it has already been created ~~ and all I need to do is ask the right people or send for the latest list. There it will be.

Anyway, once I found the right flowers and tested them out on several of my clients who had been asking for them, I knew I had a real winner here. I decided to call it Stress Busters, because it goes in to your electrical circuits like a stress-seeking missile and just busts up whatever is keeping you from feeling as calm and centered as you’d like to feel, regardless of what kind of chaos might be brewing all around you. This formula is like a dust-buster for stress: it just sucks it up and gets rid of it for you.

If you or someone you know has been under a lot of stress lately, or feeling anxious, and can’t quite shake the feelings, you NEED this one. It will really help. Stress Busters: for when even Rescue Remedy isn’t enough.

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