Sep 26 2008

Stressful Times Call For Better Solutions

The news these days just gets more intense by the day, it seems. One bad thing after another. (Of course you don’t hear much about all the good things that are also happening, do you?? But that’s a topic for another conversation. . . )

Today I want to talk about some simple ways you can help yourself ~ your kids ~ and even your pets ~ live with a LOT less stress. You may not be able to change some of the bad things (hurricanes, bank failures, government messes, tainted food supplies, and oh the list is getting very long!) ~ but there are some simple, safe and natural ways you can keep things on a fairly even keel no matter what.

  • Know that all things pass. They just do.
  • Know that you can get through whatever comes your way. Humans are a resilient species.
  • Make time to be still. Get quiet. Seek out beauty, in whatever form appeals most to you. Allow yourself to be refreshed by both the stillness and the beauty. (Hint: Nature is often great at offering both!)

Now, our company is here to support you in having a GREAT life, no matter what’s going on. Here are some of the ways we can help.

  • Get our Stress Busters formula here. This one helps you cope with the extremes of fear, anxiety, gloom and doom — and yes, stress. Stress is very real, and how you cope with it will determine both your health and your ability to successfully navigate whatever comes at you. These days, it seems like a lot!
  • If financial woes have you down, there are two great ways we can help you get back in the swing of things: get our Prosperity Package(Quantum Prosperity and Manifestors) contains all the flowers that help you remember where your power is, and how to use it to co-create whatever you want and need in your life, release the fears and doubts, and raise your self-esteem. A very useful package to have on hand during uncertain economic times!
  • If you’re feeling really down, you may also want to consider getting some support for depression. Our Depression Formula available here has been used successfully even by people who are on anti-depressants and wanted something less expensive without so many side effects. If you are clinically depressed, you should be under the care of a medical doctor, in addition to whatever natural remedies you reach for; just be aware and consult with them when you need to!)
  • If you have experienced loss recently ~ or just feel sensitive because so many others are feeling some ~ then Grief and Loss Formula available here helps you do the healing work of grieving. There are many stages of grief, and it’s very natural. But too many times we try to “keep it bottled inside”. That’s definitely NOT a healthy way to cope, even if you really do have a lot of responsibilities to manage. This formula helps you do the grieving AND stay on track in your life. (Good thing the flowers know how to help!)
  • We have one formula we can’t live without, for both people and pets. Get your ETS (Emergency Trauma Solution) here ~ one for people, and one for animals. If your trauma circuits get triggered (and it seems like that’s happening a LOT lately. . . ) this will re-set your circuits to “normal”, so that you can deal with whatever it is without the added layer of shock and panic. Wonderful to have on hand for everything from a hangnail to an auto accident (or bank failure!)
  • Oh and there’s one more thing. Here is a natural product that clears the air, dispels negativity, and uplifts your spirits ~ immediately. Purchase Blue Eagle Invocation. Healers know about this secret tool; but it’s not just for healers. It’s for everyone who wants to change the energy field around you and in your space. Wouldn’t that feel wonderful?

Wishing you and all your loved ones a safe passage through some of the roughest times, and that you stay strong and healthy. Let us know how we can help ~ that’s why we’re here ๐Ÿ™‚

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