Apr 02 2009

Are You Waiting To Hear Bad News? Or Eager to Make Some News?

It’s a gorgeous day here! Spring has finally arrived with a splash of sunshine and color, and fresh breezes entice us all to get outside and enjoy the long-awaited weather. But for some of you, the weather isn’t enough to cheer you up. Some of you are feeling anxious, feearful, and discouraged. So I wanted […]

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Sep 26 2008

Stressful Times Call For Better Solutions

The news these days just gets more intense by the day, it seems. One bad thing after another. (Of course you don’t hear much about all the good things that are also happening, do you?? But that’s a topic for another conversation. . . ) Today I want to talk about some simple ways you […]

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Apr 26 2008

Anxiety Can Be Easily Controlled — 100% Naturally

These days anxiety and stress are two issues that seem to afflict many people. Before you reach for some pharmaceuticals (or worse, alcohol or illicit drugs — both of which tend to make it worse) you might like to know about an easy way to handle your anxiety or stress. Flower remedies have proven effective […]

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