Jul 29 2013

Announcing New Line of Animal Essence Sprays

What’s new over at the “flower essence factory”?  Heaps!  Here’s some big news, for people with pets. We took the top flower essence formulas for our animal friends and added organic essential oils, to enhance the effects ~ and created some amazing new products. Because animals are much better at smelling than humans are (their […]

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Dec 18 2008

Awesome New Essence From Perelandra

Perelandra is one of my all-time favorite places ~ and it’s one of my main flower essence resources in every sense of the word. Machaelle Small Wright is my teacher and muse in the world of Co-Creation and Flower Essences ~ and the wonderful nature essences from Perelandra are the best anywhere. I was intrigued […]

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Apr 17 2008

Phobias Formula Helps Pets With Panic Attacks

A client of mine had a dog that used to wreak havoc in the house as soon as he heard loud sounds like thunderstorms.or firecrackers. So I created a flower essence formula that helped him to remain calm when he heard the sounds, and not go instantly into his “panic mode.” This was a huge […]

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Apr 15 2008

Flower Essences For Animals Help Pets Behave Better

Animals are so close to Nature, they seem to take to flower essences naturally. In the wild, you will always see an animal rubbing up against (or nesting in) particular herbs or plants — this is how they absorb the energies from those plants naturally. When in captivity (as in household pets, for instance) they […]

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