Apr 11 2008

Blessing Formula For All Occasions

One of the best formulas I ever made contains flowers from just about every continent on the planet. It is a sweet, robust and joyous way to feel yourself worthy to BE blessed, and to know that you ARE a blessing just for who you already are. This combination formula of flower essences called to […]

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Apr 10 2008

What Is The Difference Between Flower Essences and Essential Oils?

Flower essences are often mistaken for their “cousin”, essential oils ~ but they are a very different healing tool. Most people know that flowers help people: feel happy, through their beauty smell good, through their fragrance taste interesting, through their culinary properties (of some edible flowers) But few people know the most important properties of […]

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Apr 10 2008

What Are Flower Essences?

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What exactly are flower essences? Simply put, they are the vibrational qualities of an individual plant or flower, transferred to water and held in solution, to be taken internally (or externally) by humans or animals. Flower essences, also called “remedies”, are one of the FEW ways for you to keep your electrical systems in balance. […]

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