Jul 01 2009

Fireworks and Thunder and Oh My!

Happy Fourth of July!  Or is it, for your pets? When the bangs and whistles start, or else the loud thunder bangs of a lightning storm, your pet can take a sudden dive under the bed (or, as one dog-owner calls it, “heads for the bomb shelter”) Loud noises don’t seem to bother some animals.  […]

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May 11 2009

New Flea and Tick Formula For Animals

This one is “hot off the press”! At the request of several customers and one of our veterinarian friends, I finally put together a very effective formula to give your animal friends the energetic field they need to repel ticks and fleas. Pest Away is here! Yeah, these cartoon insects are cute — but the […]

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Jun 27 2008

4th of July/Firecracker Pet Anxiety

The 4th of July (and the days just before and after) are often times of distress for your animals. The sudden loud noises can provoke panic attacks and terror in even the most ordinarily-calm pet! What to do? You can medicate your animals, or — for more natural and effective solution, recommended by vet techs […]

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Apr 15 2008

Flower Essences For Animals Help Pets Behave Better

Animals are so close to Nature, they seem to take to flower essences naturally. In the wild, you will always see an animal rubbing up against (or nesting in) particular herbs or plants — this is how they absorb the energies from those plants naturally. When in captivity (as in household pets, for instance) they […]

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