Dec 18 2008

Awesome New Essence From Perelandra

Perelandra is one of my all-time favorite places ~ and it’s one of my main flower essence resources in every sense of the word. Machaelle Small Wright is my teacher and muse in the world of Co-Creation and Flower Essences ~ and the wonderful nature essences from Perelandra are the best anywhere. I was intrigued […]

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Sep 26 2008

Stressful Times Call For Better Solutions

The news these days just gets more intense by the day, it seems. One bad thing after another. (Of course you don’t hear much about all the good things that are also happening, do you?? But that’s a topic for another conversation. . . ) Today I want to talk about some simple ways you […]

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Aug 21 2008

When It’s All Too Much, Who Do You Call? Stress Busters!

Well there may not be a ghost in the closet, but there sure could be a lot of stress haunting you! With so much stimulation all around from so many sources, and so many demands for your attention and time, it’s no wonder if you are one of the millions who could use some effective […]

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Aug 01 2008

The Chakra Series: Root Chakra Essence

The Root Chakra (or Base Chakra) is the energy center at the base of the spine. The Root Chakra Essence grounds you solidly, providing stability and balance through your connection with the Earth.

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Apr 11 2008

Stress Busters

One of the fun parts of being a flower essence therapist is that I get to play with flowers at a level most people cannot even imagine. It is truly a pleasure and delight for me to create custom blends for individuals, their pets, and to address specific issues that are bothering many different people. […]

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