Oct 17 2008

The Bright Wings Flower Essence

A very cool thing is going to happen next year (spring of 2009) ~ Molly Sheehan, the heart and soul behind Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire (she wouldn’t say that about herself, but I can) is going to plant some seeds I have been saving. (Well, really, it’s the angels and devas who are […]

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Sep 04 2008

Good News and A Preview of Coming Attractions

Just got back from vacation, where I made a couple of discoveries and got a lead on a new flower I had not known about before. I need to contact the garden’s owner and see if I can get a flower essence made from this very rare plant (Tibetan Gentian.) Stay tuned on that one. […]

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Jul 18 2008

New Flower Essence Collections

This has been a busy week here at Bright Wings! My webmasters and assistants are busy right now adding some of the newest formulas and collections to the web pages and shopping cart, so while they do their magic, I want to give you a preview of what’s new. Each of the new formulas and […]

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Jun 04 2008

Chakra Clearing Essences

I am so excited to announce our new Chakra Clearing Essences Collection! I just finished sending the information off to the webmaster to add to our catalog and — crossing my fingers — hope that we will be able to start shipping in about a week. This collection has been a long time emerging — […]

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