Apr 22 2009

Thunderstorm Phobias in Animals

Last night we had one of the loudest storms in the middle of the night! Loud thunder, lightning, and hail for about five minutes. And then it was all over. When this happens, our generally fearless Corgi usually runs for cover. She has places in the house where she goes to hide, and we jokingly […]

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Jun 27 2008

4th of July/Firecracker Pet Anxiety

The 4th of July (and the days just before and after) are often times of distress for your animals. The sudden loud noises can provoke panic attacks and terror in even the most ordinarily-calm pet! What to do? You can medicate your animals, or — for more natural and effective solution, recommended by vet techs […]

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Apr 25 2008

Claustrophobia Relief

When you need to confine your dog or cat because of illness, injury, or just for its own safety occasionally, unless it has already been accustomed to being crated it can panic at being confined. If you’ve ever seen a cat holding on to the sides of a crate door with its paws rigid, refusing […]

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Apr 25 2008

Phobias Formula

Does your dog or cat panic at sudden loud sounds, such as firecrackers or thunderstorms? If so, there is new relief for them. One of the easiest solutions is also 100% natural — and safe for them.

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