Aug 14 2009

Announcing New Prosperity Products

The summer is proving to be very interesting, for finding new flowers and making important new combination formulas.  There’s a lot to report, so let’s start off with the ones that are probably going to have the most impact for you.  I just finished making two new formulas that we’ve added to the Prosperity Pack: […]

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Sep 26 2008

Stressful Times Call For Better Solutions

The news these days just gets more intense by the day, it seems. One bad thing after another. (Of course you don’t hear much about all the good things that are also happening, do you?? But that’s a topic for another conversation. . . ) Today I want to talk about some simple ways you […]

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Jun 06 2008

Manifest Your Intentions

This week was a busy week! I had lots of new clients and tons of orders. Kept me pretty busy, which I like. One of the interesting features of the week was a request to make a formula to help someone get a new business up and running — mostly to clear any issues of […]

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Apr 11 2008

Quantum Prosperity – In Good Times and Bad

Several years ago I put together a custom formula for someone who was struggling with issues about abundance and prosperity. They had never saved money, had a terrible sense of loss and lack, and just generally had really big issues about money. They wanted to know if flower essences could help them, and I said,

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