Apr 02 2009

Are You Waiting To Hear Bad News? Or Eager to Make Some News?

It’s a gorgeous day here! Spring has finally arrived with a splash of sunshine and color, and fresh breezes entice us all to get outside and enjoy the long-awaited weather. But for some of you, the weather isn’t enough to cheer you up. Some of you are feeling anxious, feearful, and discouraged. So I wanted […]

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Jul 10 2008

Prosperity Package — New Combinations For Abundance

What does it mean to prosper? Some people say it’s an abundance of resources. I’m sure that’s part of it — but there’s more. (One can have an abundance of other things, too, for instance — not all of them welcome.) To me, to prosper is to thrive. And that means that you have everything […]

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Apr 11 2008

Quantum Prosperity – In Good Times and Bad

Several years ago I put together a custom formula for someone who was struggling with issues about abundance and prosperity. They had never saved money, had a terrible sense of loss and lack, and just generally had really big issues about money. They wanted to know if flower essences could help them, and I said,

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