Jul 18 2008

New Flower Essence Collections

This has been a busy week here at Bright Wings! My webmasters and assistants are busy right now adding some of the newest formulas and collections to the web pages and shopping cart, so while they do their magic, I want to give you a preview of what’s new. Each of the new formulas and […]

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Jul 01 2008

New Formula Helps Animal Seizures

Cats and dogs that have seizure disorders give their owners much stress. If you are lucky enough to find a holistic vet (one who practices integrative medicine and includes nutrition, homeopathic, and naturopathic treatments) you will find less stressful — and often more effective — ways to address the problem of your pet’s seizure disorders.

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May 14 2008

Seizure Relief

If your cat or dog has seizures, you know how scary that can be. The animal appears to be in extreme distress, often losing continence and/or consciousness. You may be worried that it’s going to die. The standard veterinary treatment is usually a type of phenobarbitol — the same thing that doctors give to humans […]

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