May 13 2008

The Body Electric

Your body is made up of millions and millions of tiny electrical circuits — one for every major organ system and function — and for each of your primary areas of expression in life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Together they make it possible for you to be “you.”

Whether you are aware of these circuits or not — their proper functioning makes you able to experience Life as you prefer — or makes it challenging for you. It is the work — and purpose — of flower essences to help you keep all your electrical circuits functioning optimally.

When you stub your toe, for example, it probably hurts like crazy for a time — and then you forget about it. But what happens to the electrical circuits involved in the proper functioning of:

  • how you experience — and heal from — pain?
  • your toes and your foot?
  • your gait and how you walk and use your feet and legs?

How well you are able to manage — and support — your own electrical system, will in large part determine how easy it is for you to be “you” — or how challenging. If you were able to restore all your circuits each time you stubbed your toe, then all will be well. But if you forgot to put one of the plugs back into the socket (or forgot where the right socket is) — then sooner or later something won’t work right. That’s just what happens.

Fortunately for us humans (and our animal friends, too) the flowers are here to help!

All you have to know is what’s “wrong”; from this, we can determine which flower does the job to reconnect that specific circuit. When you take the right flower essences, your electrical circuits can remember again what they need to know — from how to be “you”, to how to heal from all your stubbed toes and anything else that may have happened to you in any area of your Life.

For more information about flower essences and how they can help, visit our web sites and learn more.

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