Oct 17 2008

The Bright Wings Flower Essence

A very cool thing is going to happen next year (spring of 2009) ~ Molly Sheehan, the heart and soul behind Green Hope Farm in New Hampshire (she wouldn’t say that about herself, but I can) is going to plant some seeds I have been saving. (Well, really, it’s the angels and devas who are behind Green Hope Farm, but that’s sort of understood. At least we who work with flower essences know this!)

Now these seeds I’m going to send to Molly aren’t just any seeds. They are special.

I found a packet of seeds for a flower called Bright Wings Asclepias! They are a rare variety of “butterfly flowers” and I just couldn’t resist the buying them because of their name.

Butterfly Asclepias

Butterfly Asclepias

I mean, Bright Wings is the name of my company, for goodness sake! It’s like I just had to have them. Even though I don’t have time to garden. Even though I had no idea about what I was going to do with them.

Well, today I found out what’s going to happen with them. I am going to send the seeds to Molly. She will plant them next spring ~ and make a flower essence out of them! How awesome-cool is THAT????

I mean, if you are a company whose business is (in part) making flower essences, wouldn’t YOU love to have a flower essence made from a flower whose name is the same as your company? And no, I didn’t even know about that flower when I named the company ~ so it wasn’t deliberate. To my way of thinking, that just makes it even more awesome.

Molly tells us that (the regular) Asclepias flower’s essence “helps us release into the free expression of our creativity and healing talents.” That has certainly been true of this business! We will ask the devas and angels to tell us what specific additional purpose the Bright Wings Aesclepias flower may have (I suspect it will be related, but with something even more specific.)

Looks like next year is going to bring us some powerful new essences again: new flowers from the Italian Alps, the Bright Wings Essence, and the Tibetan Gentian from Avena. And of course Green Hope Farm is always bringing us new and amazing flowers. I am so grateful for Nature’s generosity and beauty!

I’d love to hear your ideas about what I should do with this flower essence. I have some thoughts and ideas brewing but I’d love to hear yours ๐Ÿ™‚

Many blessings of peace and light,


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