Aug 01 2008

The Chakra Series: Root Chakra Essence

The Root Chakra (or Base Chakra) is the energy center at the base of the spine. The Root Chakra Essence grounds you solidly, providing stability and balance through your connection with the Earth.

Because the Base Chakra issues are all about survival, self esteem and confidence, social order, safety and security, fear, vitality, and family of origin/ancestral patterns, the Root Chakra Essence cleanses energy blocks in this area, helps you access and work with energy in its raw form, making it available to all the energy centers in the body.

Root chakra imbalances can cause troubles with circulation and blood deficiencies, sexual or reproductive problems, adrenal gland and kidney or bladder problems, and low physical energy and stamina, issues of the legs, knees, feet, and skin — as well as issues with self confidence and self assurance or poise.

This flower essence formula cleanses the root chakra of blockages and impurities, keeping the channels open for full function throughout the system. If you have issues with any of the physical or emotional areas governed by this Chakra, purchase the Root Chakra Essence to help you integrate and balance them.

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