Aug 05 2008

The Chakra Series: Throat Chakra Essence

The Throat Chakra (Fifth Chakra) is located above the Heart Chakra in the throat area.

The Throat Chakra Essence balances and stabilizes your expressive energies, and strengthens your true voice.

Because the Throat Chakra issues are all about communication, speaking/listening, creative expression, needs, timing, taking in information, and receptivity, the Throat Chakra Essence cleanses energy blocks in this area, helping you speak clearly, completely, and truthfully — and to find your true voice, to sing your own special song in life. It helps you translate your inner feelings into effective outer expression.

Throat Chakra imbalances can cause troubles with sore throats, scoliosis, tonsillitis, teeth and gum problems, troubles with persistent colds or flu that take a long time to leave, tonsillitis, acute infections, vocal and communication difficulties, and under-active thyroid. It also affects the sternum, throat, and endocrine system, and addictions. It also affects the sternum, endocrine system, and addictions.

The Throat Chakra flower essence formula cleanses the Throat Chakra of blockages and any degradations, and helps you to speak your mind and heart with clarity and power. The Throat Chakra essence also helps speakers, singers, and those who need their voice to be strong and clear.

The Throat Chakra essence should also assist those whose past-life death trauma included a neck injury (such as hanging or decapitation) to clear any residual energies present in this lifetime from such past-life traumas.

If you have issues with physical or emotional areas governed by the Throat Chakra, purchase the Throat Chakra Essence to help you clear and balance them.

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