May 05 2009

The Sacred Feminine Formula

The culture where you were raised determines to a great degree how you feel about your gender. If you are female, your experience of what it means to be a girl or woman depends on not only how your parents and family treated you and taught you, but also how your community viewed females.

In a perfect world, your experience would be wholesome and happy. Sadly, we don’t have that kind of world yet. Many girls and women did not get to experience being female in a joyful, powerful way.

Whatever your experience of being female — or how you VIEW females (if you’re not one) — there is really good news. Our new flower essence formula will give you the information you need, about what being female is in its ideal form. This is the Sacred Feminine Principle, encoded for you.

If you have ever had problems with being female, relating to females, or with the idea of what it means when it’s joyous and free from all cultural boundaries, then you need this formula! Know what it means to be powerfully present and receptive, creative and clear, wise and embracing, nurturing and fierce.

Let Sacred Feminine put your relationship with yourself and all females back into sacred perspective, where it belongs. Sacred Feminine Formula is ideal for women and moms who want to remember what it is to be fully femaie. It makes a great gift, too, for that special woman in your life.

Order some today here: Sacred Feminine Formula.

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