Sep 29 2008

Tibetan Gentian Essence

This summer while traveling in Maine, I happened upon a wonderful biodynamic farm I’d not discovered before: Avena, created and operated by herbalist Deb Soule. You can always tell a biodynamic garden by its exuberance: the bees were busy (and not at all concerned about humans among the flowers); plants that are normally around 2 feet tall grew sometimes to 6 or even 8-foot heights; and the life-force energy fields are so powerful you KNOW you are among healthy, living things.

But the best discovery? Tibetan Gentian!

This sweet little flower was not quite in full bloom when I saw her, but she had a LOT to say! I took notes, and ~ because Deb was busy harvesting that day ~ when I returned home I called Deb to ask about the possibility of getting a flower essence made from Tibetan Gentian.

Tibetan Gentian

Tibetan Gentian

Deb was very interested, and told me that she would go out into the garden and see if the flowers were ready to be made into an essence. She feared they might be a bit past their peak, but I will know in several weeks if we are going to get one this year or not. (If not this year, next one for sure!)

This flower is a bit of a late bloomer, but consider that it’s pretty rare to find at all on this continent. I was astonished to see it here, quite happy in its bed at Avena, where there is a lot of light and love permeating everything.

When I get a chance I’ll share some other images we took that day ~ and maybe some further conversations with Deb, as we get to know each other better. If you ever want REALLY potent herbals, you should visit their store: Avena Botanicals.

You’ll hear more from me about Tibetan Gentian, once I know if we’re going to have an essence this year, or next. I’ll tell you this, though: the world is crying for its essence already!

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