Oct 08 2008

Update on Tibetan Gentian

Well, there is good news and bad news about the Tibetan Gentian. First, I spoke with Deb Soule today, whose gardens at Avena are the location of this amazing flower.

And yes, we can get the essence made!

Now for the bad news: the bloom is finished, and we can’t make an essence from it this year. Too bad!

But Deb and I have begun a very nice phone relationship. (That’s one of the benefits of connecting with biodynamic gardeners ~ they really love Nature and the energy from the plants, at all levels.) Deb certainly does have a very special connection with the land and with the plants growing there.

And, it turns out, there may be additional flowers growing at Avena Farm that may want to have essences made. So she is going to be on alert for ones that are calling out with a message, and call me to discuss it when she finds one.

I believe this is going to mean some wonderful new flower essences coming along soon! Stay tuned.

Oh. Deb wants me to contact her again early June 2009 about the Tibetan Gentian. But I imagine we’ll be talking about other flowers long before that ๐Ÿ™‚

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