Feb 23 2010

Victim No More: New Formula Just Released

Last week, at the request of a new client, I made a combination flower essence formula to help you overcome patterns of feeling like a victim.  It’s called Victim No More.

This formula works with your electrical system to gently establish new patterns of empowerment and opportunity, self-confidence, and assertion, where there has been a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness.

People who have suffered abuse or trauma might benefit from having this formula, as people who have been betrayed in profound ways often feel challenged to rise above their experiences.  The old patterns can hold you back, unless you actively work on them and decide that this is not the way for you.  And you can do that any time you want.  Our new formula helps you make better choices, realize that you DO have choices, and that you are capable of conducting your life free from the influence or destructive tendencies of any of your relationships.

If you are still IN a destructive or unhealthy relationship, Victim No More formula can help you make the choice to leave and start a new life, if that is what you need.  Or it can help you stand up to the bullies in your life, if that is what you really want.

The point is, you do NOT have to be a victim.  Ever.  If it has become a problem for you — if you’re tired of feeling like a “doormat” — then maybe you’d like to try another way.  Victim No More can change your life — for the better.  It helps you realize exactly what to change, and how — to be free from the patterns of victimization at last.

If you have suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from abuse of any kind, this formula will make a handy adjunct therapy for your healing.

Buy this one now — and set yourself free.

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