Apr 10 2008

What Are Flower Essences?

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What exactly are flower essences? Simply put, they are the vibrational qualities of an individual plant or flower, transferred to water and held in solution, to be taken internally (or externally) by humans or animals.

Flower essences, also called “remedies”, are one of the FEW ways for you to keep your electrical systems in balance. They work to support and reconnect any of your electromagnetic circuits that may have, through trauma, accident, or misuse, become disconnected from their original pattern; the information contained in the flower essence informs YOUR circuits how to reconnect to that part of the pattern, so that it again functions properly. Each flower or remedy has a specific purpose, and will help you “remember” how to “be you”!

We’ll be discussing more about what flower essences are — and are not — how you can use them, and which ones help best for certain common situations.

But first, here are some very cool things you might like to know about flower essences:

  • they are safe to use for everyone, even for newborns
  • they have NO side effects
  • they do not interfere with any diet or medication you may be taking
  • they are inexpensive to buy (between $7-25, averaging around $8-9 per bottle)
  • you can get a choice of preservatives (if you purchase from a flower essence therapist rather than from a health food store where there is often only one choice — alcohol); our company offers 4 different kinds of preservatives, to meet every need: brandy, white vinegar, glycerine (made from coconuts), or red shiso (my personal favorite, because it holds the formula very stable for a long time.)

There are many reasons to take flower essences ~ I will be discussing them here soon.

Stay tuned! And let me know what you’d like to learn here ~ I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. Hey, you have a Certified Flower Essence Therapist here! Get the answers from someone who uses, loves, and understands how this works!

You can get more information here, too.

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