Mar 19 2015

Why Get A Custom Blend?

May we create a custom formula for YOU?

You could research and find some flower essences that will help you ~ in other words, the do-it-yourself way.  But that is only going to give you partial relief, for just some of the circuits that need repair.

Let me show you a different (and, I feel, a better) way.  Thousands of happy customers agree with me about this, thankfully for us all.

When you ask for a custom blend, you get THE precise flowers that address the main things you want to change, with highly targeted and intuitive guidance from the flower devas, your higher self, and me.

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This process takes an hour, by phone (you don’t need to go anywhere for this, just set aside the time for us to discuss your situation, and to decide together what you want the flowers to help you change.)  After our confidential consultation, I will prepare your personal  custom blended flower essence formula.  We work with you to find the exact formula that will bring your system back to its natural balance, with a choice of preservatives to choose from: non-GMO alcohol, vegetable glycerin (made from coconuts), white vinegar, or red shiso (my personal favorite, because it holds the formula very stable.)

There are other reasons to work with me, instead of trying to do it yourself.  One is that most of my clients tell me that they would pay almost anything I wanted to charge just to have someone listen to them as lovingly as I do; it seems that few people actually have someone who does this for them.  That alone is often worth it.

But more than that, you are working with a seasoned professional who knows how to connect with your soul, to communicate with you at a higher level and understand what your own soul is calling you to become, which energy patterns are keeping you from BEing this now, and also which flowers carry the new patterns that you need to introduce to your system, so that you can easily make the changes you want.

It’s all about energy, really.  That is the gift that the flowers offer to us ~ patterns for change and transformation that create harmony, balance, and beauty.

You get your own personal “bouquet” of flower energy, prepared by an expert in the field of energy work, who knows just how to bring the right energies together to make YOUR energy system feel wonderful again.

That is something you can’t buy in a store, online, or do yourself.

It’s why you should ask for help, and get your own custom blend made for you.  The cost of your session includes your first bottle of flower essences; after that, refills are $25.00 each (plus shipping) should you want them.

I should also let you know that I work with a repertory of over 2700 North American flower essences from the finest sources (Perelandra, Flower Essence Society, Green Hope Farms, Australian Bush Flowers, Alaskan Flower Essences, and Animal Essences.)

We don’t usually make our own essences (although we know how) — instead we rely on our good friends whose primary work it is to produce the best essences on the planet. We have good relationships with our suppliers — they are our “family”.

If you have any questions that I have not covered here, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer them for you.

When you’re ready to get your own personal custom blend of flower essences made for you, just click here to order and set up your consultation with me.

One more thing I’d like to say (and I suppose it’s kind of a brag, but I’m really proud of it.)  I work with a fair number of shamans, to provide them with specialized flower essence blends.  One of them told me this week that “I can get flower essences from anywhere; the makers often want to gift them to me.  But I will only buy them from you now, because the energy you put into them is amazing.  I can’t get that anywhere else and I won’t even try.”

What you will get with your personal, custom blend of flower essences is not just a “bouquet of energy” but also a vibrant, living pathway back to YOU.  Aren’t you worth that?  I look forward to working with you!

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